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This rifle is desinged to be what I consider a long range killing machine in the mid weight category. 

The weight generally comes in around 9 pounds (without a optic). I feel that this is the perfect weight for a rifle for customers who are looking for a rifle to take game beyond 600 yards that is easy to drive, easy to see your shots, and has a true solid feel. 


The accuracy I typically see in these guns with factory Hornady 143 Precision Hunter ammunition is in the .25 - .375 MOA at 100 yards. Handloads and Custom ammo manufactures can make these typically shoot in the .1s- .30 MOA at 100 if your a good trigger puller. 


This is a very similar set up to what I personally hunt with most of the time. For out west, around powerlines, or a big beanfield this would always be my first choice in the rifles that I use. The parts I pick for these guns are what i have the utmost confidence in and they have never let me down. 


What makes an Exodus Rifle diffrent from others? I myself do all the machine work, bedding of the stock, cerakoting, function checking, and accuracy testing of each rifle I build. This is not a production shop rifle. This is a rifle that is built with hardwork and love. This is a rilfe that you will want to keep forever and pass down to the next generation. 


The muzzle threads on this rifle are cut to 5/8X24 Class 3A to work with all high quality suppressors


Standard parts on this rifle is 


  • Impact Precision 737 Action
  • McMillan GameWarden 2.0 stock (color options avaliable)
  • Krieger or Bartlein Remington Varmint Contour stainless steel barrel
  • Bix n Andy Dakota trigger 
  • Hawkins Precision Hunter DBM
  • Hawkins Hunter 3 round magazine
  • Bat Machine thread protector
  • Elite Cerakote on all metal that needs it 
  • Pelican vault case for shipping or similar


Options that you may add for an addtional fee


  • Selftiming muzzle brake
  • Fluting of barrel
  • Custom load work up 
  • Custom Data
  • Private training with myself where we can engage targets out to 1000 yards
  • Insured shipping 


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