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Prefit for Impact 737 short action

6.5X47 Lapua: standard reamer is .294 Neck with .140 FB 

(Other reamers avaliable upon request)


Krieger 4 groove Heavy Varmint contour is standard


6.5mm 1/8 twist   27.5  finish length


threads: 5/8X24 Class 3A ( will work with suppresors and popular muzzle brakes)

(other theads available upon request)


Color: Stadard Color is ELITE BLACKOUT NIC CERAKOTE (the best cerakote NIC makes and matches the nitrided impacts very nicely)


IF YOU NEED A IMPACT ACTION....... I can make that happen instantly!




EXODUS PREFIT FOR IMPACT 737 6.5X47 27.5 inch 5/8X24

SKU: 6.5X4727.5
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