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Bix’n Andy – Dakota Trigger, Remington 700, Top Right Safety

The Bix’n Andy Dakota trigger for the Remington 700 series of rifles brings their high performance to you in an affordable package.

The design uses a searless trigger mechanism which allows for greater reliability thanks to fewer moving parts.

The Dakota is user adjustable with a single screw adjustment between 1 and 4.5 pounds of pull.
It also features a removable safety and bolt release and the housing can be opened for cleaning and maintenance.

  • Fully Weather Resistant so that you can perform at your best no matter what mother nature throws at you.
  • Searless Design ensures simplicity and total reliability.
  • Single Stage trigger mechanism with a crisp release.
  • Rem 700 Model and all Rem 700 Style clone compatibility.
  • Ideal Over-Travel so that you do not interfere with the rifle’s position during fire.
  • Patented Ball Bearing Design with lifetime support guarantee.
  • Precision Machined Parts.
  • 1 lbs – 4.5 lbs or 450g – 2,000g Pull Weight for a wide range of adjustment.


SKU: Dakota
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