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Growing up an avid hunter and fisherman, I have enjoyed shooting since I  was young.I began hand-loading over 25 years ago to squeeze  every bit of accuracy out of my rifles. Always striving for more consistent accuracy I started slowly purchasing custom rifles from gunsmiths all over the nation. Some of these rifles were great and some left a lot to be desired. 


In 2010 I began shooting long range competitions across the nation. I have been fortunate to place in the top 10 overall in the PRS for the season 4 times. I build rifles for some of the very best competitive shooters and most demanding hunters in the nation.


The rifles I build are completely built by myself. They are built with love and attention to detail. Consistent accuracy is and always will be the driving force behind each and every rifle that leaves this shop.  If you want confidence in your equipment look no further than Exodus Rifles. 

A question I get asked often is "What makes you different from other top tier gunsmiths?" 

1. I actually do all the machine work, cerakote, bedding, assembly, function checking, and accuracy testing myself. 

2. Being a highly competitive shooter I know a few things about what it takes to have a consistently accurate rifle. 

3. I offer private training in Hastings Florida. I can show you what your rifle  is capable of and how to properly use it so that you understand the quality of rifle that you purchased.  My goal is to provide each customer with a unforgettable experience. Please do not hesitate to give me a call to get you a rifle to be proud of started. 

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